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Rifle and Pistol Range

Safety is always #1 

Members have 24/7 access to our rifle and pistol ranges. (Within regular shooting hours)

The Rifle and Pistol range is open for use, so have fun and be safe! Remember all targets must be placed as close to the bottom of the berm as possible and no targets over 3 feet high. NO EXPLODING TARGETS or glass allowed! Carry in, carry out! Please do not leave targets or anything else on the range or YOUR RANGE becomes a garbage dump !! You can leave unwanted brass under the shelter in hanging ammo can and burnables can be put in the burn barrel by the shelter.


Safety is always #1 

No exploding targets

No glass

Clean up when you’re done 


The Sportsman's Club is proud to have several Law Enforcement agencies untilize our facility.  At times it may be necessary to close the rifle/pistol range for training. We will try to minimize any inconvenience to our members by informing them in advance of closed dates by e-mail and posting on this site.

On training days there will also be a sign placed by the drive way simply stating Range Closed​. 

Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation.

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